Sunday Funnies

“Look at my double face.”


Somone learned how to criss-cross his eyes a few months ago, which apparently causes you to see double. I never knew!

Now, how about that old wives tale that his eyes could become stuck like that? I’ll be honest, I was insanely concerned that my little baby was going to permanently damage his eyes. After some internet research, all I’ve found is evidence to the contrary, though I still don’t like to encourage him to cross his eyes often in case it causes him to strain.

The Fort Lauderdale Eye Institute had to say this:

Myth: Crossing your eyes will make them stay like that.
Fact: When you cross your eyes for humor or amusement it may cause a few laughs but it will not cause permanent damage to your eyes and once you are done your eyes will return to normal placement. Our eyes naturally come together when we look at something closely so when you purposefully cross your eyes you are just exaggerating your eyes natural response.

You can follow the link above for more vision myths debunked.

Are you able to cross your eyes?

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