Mom’s iPhone vs. the Microwave

Before we deep dive into the events that occurred yesterday afternoon involving my iPhone, I want to clarify something for everyone. If you have a wild child or multiple boys you can feel free skip this disclaimer and go right to the juicy details.

I didn’t just take my eyes off my child “for a second.”

I left the room for five whole minutes and no I didn’t lose track of time. I was paying very close attention to it because we had a soccer game to get to, and although some people think you have the ability to watch your boys in your own home 24/7 it’s just not so. Not only is it impossible to constantly be up your child’s bum with a magnifying glass, it shouldn’t be necessary and I believe that without giving them a little space you’ll all go crazy. Not too much space, but I should be able to leave the room for a moment.

Here’s the deal. 

After a long week, filled with mental meltdowns because my anxiety, my stress, and my responsibilities have hung around my neck like ten thousand pounds lately, I thought that I would have a nice night. When I came into my bedroom to grab a diaper for my youngest son, I thought that straightening up the papers on my desk real fast might help me to gain a little order back in my brain. Not more than a few minutes went by and I heard the *BEEP* that signals someone has started our microwave. I took three steps to the baby gate and sprinting to meet me was Archer, my sweet monstrous two-year-old, and in my hands he placed my lukewarm iPhone 7. Then he said, “sorry,” in his tiniest voice and ran away and all I could do was click unresponsive buttons.


When I say I didn’t know how to react, I genuinely mean that the brain that I was trying so desperately to fix threw all of the papers up into the air and lit the place on fire. I couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening. I knew that I wanted to be mad, I wanted to scream at him. At the same time tears were welling up behind my eyes, and all that came out of my mouth was laughter.


img_0015Knowing that we still had to leave for soccer I had to cut my processing period short, place the iPhone outside on the back deck just in case it exploded and pack up my kiddos like nothing even happened. When you look at the details, it could have gone much worse. If I weren’t listening for noises and the microwave was on longer who knows what would have happened. Ultimately, I lost a couple hundred dollars on a dumb mistake and learned to baby proof the microwave.

Just an FYI: the smell of a microwaved iPhone is a very specific one and a little difficult to get out of the house. This appliance lock came in a pack of two (we already had one on the refrigerator) and I highly recommend them.

Hopefully, everyone got a good little chuckle out of this and as always, thanks for reading! If you want to stay up to date in real time follow the link below to my Instagram account.



2 thoughts on “Mom’s iPhone vs. the Microwave

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