We Found a Kitten

By now most people that know me or follow This Young Mum on Instagram know that we have added a kitten to the family, but not quite everyone knows how we came about getting her.

This is the story of Heart.


A little backstory. My husband didn’t want a cat and in fact, our original rules given to us by our landlord were that we couldn’t have one, so I have been impatiently waiting for us to buy a home before getting a feline friend. In recent weeks though, my three-year-old had been telling me that he was going to buy me a “fat cat named Cheesy.” Who could say no to him? But in fact, the rules remained the same. No cats.

Then everything changed. 

I was at work, handing coffees out the window when a truck pulled up and I heard what was very obviously meowing coming from this man’s vehicle. Confused I asked if he had a cat in his truck and equally as confused, he told me that he did not. Then I heard it again. “Are you sure there isn’t a cat in your truck?” He put his truck into park, popped the hood, and there she was frantic and standing on the engine. As if I wasn’t already surprised enough at this point, the man picked this little baby up by the back of her neck and tried to set her loose on the ground with other cars close by.

img_4394-e1530977943759.jpgStunned, I ran for a cardboard box to put her in while a friend of mine at work acted quickly to get the kitten from him. Unsure of what our next move would be, a handful of us put her into the box and took her outside to wait for someone to come pick her up and take her somewhere safe (which, against my husband’s wishes, ended up being our house).

After relaying the story to the vet, her first appointment was set up for the very next morning to make sure that she was healthy in general but also that she didn’t sustain any injuries while she was under the hood. Since I had no clue how long she was clinging to the engine I wanted to be certain that she was in good health before we found her somewhere else to live, but the thought of getting rid of the little kitty that clung, shaking violently, to me outside just broke my heart. I called my landlord and then my husband, who both surprisingly accepted my pleads to keep her.


At the vet we found out that she was just seven weeks old, almost nine weeks now, putting her birthday right around May 10th. She received her first couple shots and a little bloodwork for testing, which all came back fine. Despite her rough ride she appears to be in amazing health, although the vet did point out that her vocal chords appeared to be strained from crying out and would require a little time to heal.

Not only is she lucky for making it through the ride in the truck, she is definitely very lucky to have found a home with all of us as well.   My older two boys were the ones who picked her name, against their brother’s wishes to name her Juicebox. The boys also love to pet and play with her, giving her loads of affection. Wherever she started her life out she has pretty quickly adapted to life in our house with toys, a kitty tower, and fluffy beds.

She is already so loved and so spoiled.

To stay updated on this precious girl, click the link below and follow on Instagram for loads of kitty pictures and as always, thanks for reading. 


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