Out in Public

When my husband and I began working new shifts I wasn’t exactly running towards the door with kids in tow all the time to do things on my own. It sounded like a lot of work and frankly, I wasn’t going to be the mom toting three wild things, a diaper bag, and my own personal belongings to the grocery store.

In recent months, though, the boys and I have begun to take more adventures together, mainly out of necessity if we’re being completely honest. This has included running up to WalMart or Aldi, going to the local parks, and even going to my oldest son’s soccer games. Even though these surroundings are entirely different one thing has remained a painstaking constant no matter where we go.

It’s three against one.

Even more exhausting than the obvious disadvantage of just being outnumbered is that they have already successfully mastered the tactic of “divide and conquer.” My only tools in these situations are pretty much bribery and threats leaving me to look like the rockstar parent of the year.

Here’s the deal, I get looks and a lot of them. When I bribe my kids with something like a  special treat for behaving, someone is always close enough to hear me and shoot me the “they should behave anyway, can’t believe you give your kids refined sugar,” look. Then to the opposite effect when I get a little loud and threaten to whoop their behinds or leave them at the park someone is always right there, dropping their jaw and taking me seriously. Trust me, I get it because I had some crazy judgy thoughts of my own about other mothers before our family grew to include three crazy little boys. When you only have one child, or even two, you can’t fathom having to run in three directions at once, more than that you can’t understand that mom doing everything in her power to just not lose a kid.

Then there’s the whole letting them be little thing, which I am a huge advocate for even when it doesn’t seem that way. Sometimes when we are out I am just looking for my kiddos to listen to me because when it boils down to it, they need to be respectful of people, places, and things. After all, we are attempting to raise little gentleman and even though we would love for their entire childhood to be all fun and games, they cannot be their own bosses 24/7.

I hope this gives people a better understanding of what it’s like to be doing your best and to still feel the heat of other people’s judgment. As always, thanks for reading!


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