Mom = Defeated

It is 8:30 on a Friday night, bedtime for my three year old, and we are sitting in a McDonalds parking lot so that I can gather my sanity.

I have been awake since 6:15 AM on my “day off” and I am tired. The boys have been cranky and yelling all day long and although I managed to keep my wits for the most part my head hurts from their screams and my throat hurts from mine.

When dinner time came I had no plan and nothing started. The pizza shops phone gave me nothing but a busy tone and there weren’t any leftovers in the fridge. When I first got to McDonalds there was a line and I thought I would go to the grocery store nearby and just get something, anything. That proved to be a bad idea and after dropping $150 on desperation we wound up back at McDonalds anyhow.

Now here I am, my dinner (non dairy Ben & Jerrys) is melting in the passenger seat while I try my best to suck the tears back in.

I feel like I lost today.

Nothing I wanted to get done, got finished. My patience is gone. Lunch was light and dinner was fried. My heart has burrowed itself in my throat and my brain is trying to figure out why four cups of coffee wasn’t enough.

Tomorrow will be new. Tomorrow will be better.

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