Happy 10th Birthday

Today the single greatest girl to ever exist turns ten. She is beautiful. She is calm. She is loving, graceful, loyal, and insanely intelligent.


She is my best friend.♥

She is also living proof why every responsible person should get themselves a furry buddy of their very own. In the last ten years, my pup has been born, come into my life, and gone through every major event in my life to date.


Ruca has been by my side through:

  • My high school graduation
  • Loss
  • Break-ups
  • Job changes
  • Moving
  • Relationship changes
  • Three babies
  • Holidays
  • Family events

She has slept under cribs, made her presence known to strangers, played, cuddled and kept the monsters out of my six year old’s room. For her love and patience alone she is a saint in a dogs body and deserving of the world. So far for her tenth birthday, because she is aging a bit now, we bought a new pet bowl that is raised higher to make it easier for her and put her food and water in a new location to make it more accessible. We also bought her a new dog bed to help get her up off the floor and because she is treated like absolute royalty there is a Serta orthopedic dog mattress on top of it for extra comfort.

The reason I specified “responsible” above wasn’t a dig at anyone in particular, rather


Baby Ruca

just a generalized statement because I know that a lot of people get pets as a “fun, new thing” or because “they’re so cute.” Which as reasons themselves aren’t wrong, how-freaking-ever, if you are not prepared to put tons of money, time, love, patience, and effort into raising your pet then you probably should not get one. Ruca was extensively trained for eight straight months, she was almost never left alone, she went everywhere that I went with school and work being the only exceptions, and she visits the vet at least once a year for a routine check-up, booster shots, and bloodwork when necessary. She eats expensive, healthy food, and is on a diet suited to her medical needs.

Pets are a lot of work, but if you’re good to them they are good to you in return. 

All of that serious talk aside, Happy Birthday Ruca Ramona! Thanks for being the best dog a girl could ever ask for, I love you endlessly.

To all of you, as always, thanks for reading! ♥


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