Me of all Moms

My list of friends is jam-packed with mommies these days. There are the expecting moms, the moms of one, and the multiple kids “when does she ever get time to sleep?” moms. It’s an excellent variety and watching everyone’s different emotions and parenting styles is one of my favorite things to do.

What we might have gathered from my post Moms That Are Doing The Most is that despite my absolute best efforts, I might be a judgy mom.

I am not a bitter Betty, my way or the highway mom.

Although I may be noticing little quirks that other moms have and it just so happens that I find good humor in calling these things out. Now don’t get your hopes up, this post isn’t going to be putting anyone on blast, just my personal reactions to how different mothers handle having different quantities of kids.


Mommy of one.

How I see her: *pinching her cheeks* “aren’t you just the absolute cutest little thing?

Explanation: whether this mom is fifty-two or eighteen, she thinks that she is the next parenting guru of 2018. Girl, I promise the first one is a trick and it gets a lot harder from here. I know you think that you know about sleep deprivation and how sassy a child can be, but until they’re ganging up on you and answering “seriously dude?” to all of your instructions, you might not truly understand mental drainage.

Mommy of two.

How I see her: “oh girl, are you okay?”

Explanation: this mom just learned that she isn’t a parenting guru, and she’ll keep relearning it everytime little Billy doesn’t catch onto something quite as fast as his big sister. She needs coffee, a chocolate bar, three naps, and someone to book her a night far, far away from home.

Mommy of three.

How I see her: *lots of eye contact, nodding, and repeating “I know, right?” over and over until one of us falls asleep standing up.*

Explanation: honey, we are one in the same. The first one was tame, the second was insane, we thought the third would fall somewhere in the middle, and positively everyone wants to know if we’re going to “have another one anytime soon.” No one stays clean longer than fifteen minutes, everyone is always hungry, and no one agrees. People with one or two kids think you’re insane for having too many and people with four or more can’t stop wondering if you’ll join the 4+ team.

Mommy of four or more.

How I see her: “you beautiful, mildly deranged, soul.”

Explanation: for some reason, maybe the first three kids were little angels, she and her partner decided that being outnumbered 3:2 wasn’t a wild enough ratio. So they went for the fourth, the fifth, and the Duggar cup, because someone told her “the more the merrier.” Given that my heart seemed to swell with each new addition, maybe there is logic to this but you still won’t find me adding to my numbers.

Hopefully, everyone who reads this has a fun sense of humor and can grab a couple giggles, if you find yourself feeling offended just remember to inhale-exhale and everything will be right with the world again.

As always, thank you guys for reading!


I know that I have been pretty absent lately – hoping to fix that – however, with just a hair over one month until the wedding it’s really crunch time. To keep up with me in the meantime, find me on Instagram and keep up with all of the wild and wacky in real time.


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