DIY Baby Wipes *Update*

Three years ago I was so excited to share how I make my homemade baby wipes with all of you and despite the occasional “oops, we’ve run out of paper towels,” it’s been really easy to stick with making them all this time. The general concept has been the same but there have been a couple small changes.

All of this is the same.

The little changes.

  1. I no longer fret over making sure that I have the same exact soap or coconut oil anymore. During the time that my DIY wipes debuted, we were using a lot of Honest Company products in the home, which I still purchase just not as frequently. The boys still use all natural soaps but the brands tend to vary based on what is on sale, and what new scents become available. I also switched to a different coconut oil, making sure that it is still pure and organic, but also going for what’s on sale. This has helped me make these wipes significantly more cost-effective.
  2. When I made these wipes originally I only made one container at a time because I was nervous how long they would keep. I now make two containers at a time and have no trouble going through them while they’re still good. I have never seen mold, mildew or any other unsightly yucks on my wipes or containers.
  3. Speaking of containers, I wash them every other time they become empty.
  4. I stopped measuring. Five or six squirts of soap, a couple big globs of melted coconut oil and enough water to moisten the paper towels does the job just fine. I thought this had to be an exact science but winging it has given me no troubles.

If you’ve tried this DIY and loved it please share it with your friends and family. 

Any questions or comments? Leave them for me in the comment section below.

As always, thanks for reading! 

I have also recently started up an Instagram account so that you can all stay up-to-date in the time between postings. Just search ThisYoungMum and you’ll find me.



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