A Very Merry Mickey Mouse Birthday

Time to roll out birthday number two and with only one more big party to go it’s almost time to focus all of my extra time and creativity onto our impending wedding, which is only seventy-seven days away! Who’s panicking? Are you panicking?

*Nervous laughter.*

I wish there were more hours in the day, especially if I get to spend that time wearing Minnie Mouse ears and shamelessly piling pasta and cookies onto my plate. For yesterday’s festivities, we ate Minnie’s bow-tie pasta, hot diggity dogs, and the always present pizza because it wouldn’t be a birthday without a pie from our favorite local pizza shop.

Archie's second birthday

Birthday boy dressed up like Mickey Mouse.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already had a gander at the bright red frosting on the birthday cake. Let me just tell you that red dye wasn’t exactly something I was concerned about until the moment I started slopping frosting all over the cake late last night. Between the cake and the sugar cookie cut-outs (some of which were also frosted red), all three of my littles were riding high on sugar and dye all day. Luckily for us, the crash lined up with bedtime perfectly.

Also, because I’m still learning how to bake a proper vegan cake I have been buying vegan-friendly cake mixes and just substituting the eggs. For the dinosaur party I tried to use applesauce and, although moist and delicious, the cupcakes crumbled in our hands. This cake called for 3 eggs per box, in their place I used 1 banana, 1/2 teaspoon flax and 1/4 cup of vegan yogurt.

As per usual, there were streamers everywhere.


It just wouldn’t be a birthday without some sort of wall decor. There’s the Mickey-esk balloon wall that cost me two hours and almost all of my patience for the day, but if you look to your right you can see all of the Mickey Mouse paper cut outs I made. I love craft paper decorations because the cost is so low that they’re practically free!


And last, but not least, my new favorite way to serve food at a birthday party is with themed plate settings. Look at these! Two packages of dollar store napkins and two packages of dollar store plates. That’s only $4.00 for enough plates and napkins to feed sixteen people, whereas the kits you find in the store cost $20 and above for equal or less.


We had such fun celebrating my little baby turning two, a milestone I can’t really believe we have already hit. It may sound cliché but the memory of him being born is so fresh that it truly feels like it was just yesterday *cue the tears*.

Keep on your toes for the next birthday and as always, thanks for reading.




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