The Best Dinosaur Birthday

We have a lot of birthdays all right in a row and if that isn’t enough stress, I’m also that mom who always tries to DIY all of the decorations. This year my middle little was excited to have a prehistoric celebration and made sure that everyone knew about it.

“What do you want for your birthday?”
– “Dinosaur birthday.”
“Okay, what would you like to eat?”
-“Dinosaur birthday.”
“Alright… What kind of cake, chocolate?”
-“Dinosaur birthday.”

I’m sure you get the point. We had few clues to the food, cake type and presents that he wanted but endless affirmations that the party must be dinosaur themed. Naturally, the first place I went to was Amazon and I filled my cart with decorations and party supplies but when the total of my cart exceeded $200, and I hadn’t even factored in food or presents yet, it was time to ‘delete‘.

Next stop, Pinterest.

Imagine my surprise when even Pinterest hit me with a bunch of malarky. I don’t have money lying around to throw my children over the top million dollar birthday bashes and these “budget-friendly” parties with $25 personalized t-shirts aren’t fooling me. Instead, I put together all of the inexpensive and adorable elements of each party plan to create my own (actually budget-friendly) dinosaur themed party.

First of all, some prehistoric foliage to add a little fluff to our balloon wall and some cut-out footprints to walk around the room. All you need here are some scissors, construction paper (normally on hand if you have littles), and a little bit of patience.

Next, keep the kiddos busy and a little less focused on the gifts with a game. We practiced feeding a poorly painted T-Rex with whatever plastic balls I could find in the toy bin (we had four).

Cardboard box. √
Scissors or utility knife. √
Paint. √
Plastic balls. √


Excuse my shotty craftsmanship.

Then there’s this cutie-pie. In all of my searching, I kept seeing this same dinosaur pop up wearing a little party hat so I assumed that it must be a sign and made up a birthday-ready dinosaur of my own with some construction paper, a pom-pom from our craft kit, paint, and an old rubber band.

For invitations, I bought a $1 package of blank cards from the dollar store and simply glued paper over the top of the image they came with. The inside reads, “BABY J is going to have a DINO-MITE birthday!” Cheesy? Yes. Absolutely adorable and dino-themed? Also yes.

Of course, the party theme had to continue into the food so we had dinosaur cutout cookies, dinosaur chicken nuggets, a dinosaur cake, and cupcakes. (The cupcakes, cookies and mac n’ cheese were all vegan too!). I also found this idea on Pinterest to make up some place-tags for food that read herbivores, carnivores and sweetivores which although adorable, I didn’t quite commit to *oops*.

What is dinosaur food if the dinosaurs haven’t tried to get to it?



Check out the cute little *chomp* marks.


No party is complete without an abundance of balloons and streamers, you can stock up at the dollar store for very little and they can drape from or be wrapped around just about anything. My personal favorite is to give them a little twist and cover a wall in them or to hang them from doorways when you aren’t giving those doorways a set of pearly whites.


Last but not least, it’s always easy to come across a few sheets of cardboard (for me I just pilfer some empty boxes from work before the recycling is taken out). I used command strips to hang them up on the wall to create a collage of dinosaurs that wasn’t going to come loose or cause any wall damage.

That’s it, the most expensive thing at the party was the food and all of the decorations that I purchased only totaled me about $12! Now it won’t be long until my itty bitty boy turns two so stay tuned for a Mickey Mouse birthday in just a few weeks.

As always, thanks for reading! 

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