Sleeping on Tuft and Needles


This is Baby J celebrating our new bed.

I haven’t really taken the time to review anything in a while and I’m feeling like I owe it to my mattress to give it the shoutout that it deserves. This is not a sponsored post.

If you are suffering from a less than peaceful night’s sleep this is for you.

My fiance and I are both only twenty-five years old and though I know we aren’t a couple of spring chickens, suffering from nonstop back pain at our age was annoying, to say the least. That was months ago. 

Over the summer I was weighing my options: max out a credit card on a store-bought mattress, that even though I could test, would still be a gamble or to buy one of those crazy mattresses that come rolled up like a Hostess treat? I searched Amazon for days, read hundreds of reviews, and talked to a few friends. The general consensus was Tuft & Needle beat out the competition (and was also more reasonably priced than most of them).

Did I mention this bed comes with a 10-year warranty and is made in the USA? Or the 100-night free trial and 100% money back guarantee?

Our old bed felt like it punched you back if you plopped onto it and the springs pushed back at your shoulders and hips all night long, cue the stiff necks and restless nights.

Flashforward eight months and I’m sleeping on a dream. The Tuft & Needle mattress is soft and plushy but somehow also firm and bouncy where you need it. It’s not only a modern marvel, it is hands down the greatest bed that I have ever slept on in my entire life.

Keep this information in your back pocket for future use and as always, thanks for reading! 



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