Quote of the Week

Leave revenge behind, ditch the petty nonsense and stop trying to “get even” with people just because you feel like you have been slighted in some way. If you’re the type to search for equality by taking from someone else, you’re doing it wrong.


Stealing someone else’s happiness will not bring you any.

Spoiler alert: it’s a lot like the movie Trolls.
tumblr_onfd0iym5x1w5j9nto6_500The bergens see that the trolls are happy and to get some happiness of their own they eat the trolls, except they’re still miserable! Whether you choose to believe it or not there are real-life bergens out there and they’re eager to steal your sunshine because they think it will give them the same warmth, and it won’t.

So how do you keep these bitter Bettys from raining on your parade? Give them a little bit of cheer. It’s difficult to be such a negative person when someone is constantly nice to you, encouraging you, and trying to help you out. If you try and still don’t succeed, do what you can to keep some distance. Maybe this person is family, a classmate, or a coworker and you can’t necessarily just stop seeing them; remain civil and just limit your contact.

You don’t have to be everybody’s friend.

Hopefully, you can spread some sunshine today and as always, thanks for reading!

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