The Baby Tipped His Highchair

My two younger boys have a tendency to rock in their seats, whether it be an actual rocking chair, on the couch or in their highchair. Normally I can tolerate it, or they will stop when the food gets to the table, but as we have learned it’s not necessarily the safest of habits to have.

My little Baby A isn’t much of a baby anymore but when he hit the floor last Friday night, he was just as terrified as I was. It happened in the moment that I stepped away to dish out mac n’ cheese. He was face down, highchair still fastened around his waist, pressed to the floor (not that it makes it better but it is a lightweight highchair). I covered the fifteen feet between us in a second and picked him up off of the floor with one arm while unbuckling him with the other.

He was screaming.

Tears were streaming down his face while I looked him over checking for blood. His nose was still the same shape and size, no gaping head wound. It could have been significantly worse than it was, but still.

There it is, the black tooth. I tried my best to wipe it, thinking it could be blood but the color didn’t change and I was terrified. After taking pictures, making phone calls and google searching I went to check his mouth again (half expecting the tooth to have fallen out of his face).

Instead of the tooth missing, it was there and just as white as the teeth around it.

Color me confused. I have never once heard of someone’s tooth changing to black and going completely back to normal, within an hour nonetheless, until that night but apparently with little ones it isn’t that uncommon. For more information I’ll link the article from Healthy Grins that I found most helpful in understanding what had happened.

Remember: I am not a doctor, nor a dentist, so if your child experiences something similar be sure to follow the best treatment for your child and as always, thanks for reading. 

2 thoughts on “The Baby Tipped His Highchair

  1. That black tooth is so bizarre? Toddlers have so many crazy bounce back mechanisms! My little one kicked back on a booster seat once and went head first on a hard floor. He had no damage, barely shocked for long, but I’m so vigilant now. The guilt was unbearable! You never think these things will happen to you, but no matter how careful you are… toddlers are crazy! Xxx

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    • I’m glad to hear your little one was alright, mommy guilt is the absolute worst. And you’re right! Their ability to bounce back is unmatchable, I wish I could still recover the way these kids do.

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