Vegan Favorites

Veganism is not what it’s cracked up to be (in the best way). When people find out that I am a vegan they start asking about what I eat, if I get enough protein and if I miss cheese. The truth is I have never felt better and my food choices are certainly not suffering at all.

After the initial shock, aw and twenty questions there is a lot of “I couldn’t be a vegan because I don’t like beans,” and “I can’t have soy,” so I decided to share some pictures of my favorite no soy, not beans meals. Although I must admit that the top right picture is of a homemade black bean burger (you’d never know).

With how strong the “vegan trend” went in 2017 and with the 2018 estimations in mind I wanted to remind everyone to be open minded and educated when it comes to vegan foods. Not all vegans spend morning, noon and night milking almonds for their cereal.


Some of these recipes are lingering around on the site but if you have questions about anything in particular just comment below.

As always, thanks for reading.