Melt & Mix Crayons

Coloring is an easy activity to get everyone involved in until Baby A starts taking bites of out his favorite colors and my middle little shreds the paper off of his. M hasn’t been very interested in coloring with me lately so I am hoping to spark his interest in arts and crafts again by giving him some newfangled homemade crayons.

I’ve had a tin full of broken crayons IMG_9835for a while now hoping that I would come up with something fun to do with them. Tonight ended up being craft night in our house and bam, now we have really big chunky crayons.

When I posted Moms That Are Doing The Most I mentioned that I don’t trust my kids with scissors or glue, however, unwrapping crayons happens to be one of their specialties so I cut them all open and they helped me peel the crayons out of the wrappers.

I’m not going to write out a list of instructions for you here because I am more than certain that you get the gist of making your own crayons from scraps.

Peel, chop, melt, cut, done.

Make sure you use an oven safe silicone pan to make getting the crayons out easier on yourself, or buy some of those adorable little silicone candy molds (they have all kinds of shapes out there including bears, legos and trucks). I melted my crayons in the oven at 200 degrees and they were done fairly quickly.

Now it’s time to go off and color with the babes and our new crayons before bedtime. If you have little ones this is definitely a craft that they can participate in and it’s really easy. As for clean up, this momma is being a little more laid back tonight which means I am making no suggestions about how to get crayon off of your favorite cutting board (oops) and I can’t promise this is an easy clean up in general since my mess is still in the kitchen.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday! 


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