Moms That Are Doing The Most

Can we leave being super extra as a mom back in 2017? Just kidding, kind of. There are so many different styles of parenting out there and it isn’t my job to judge any of them but we all know those over the top mommas. We want to learn from them, copy them, maybe block them on social media, you know those moms.

Lord of the lunch.

U9tBuThis year my oldest son decided that he wanted to bring his lunch to school every day and I was happy to have him going to school with a lunch made by mom but it became quite repetitive almost immediately. At home the boys have a lot of leftovers, mac n’ cheese and warm meals but the options seemed limited for a cold packed lunch box. I searched Pinterest only to find loads of posts like “75 ways to say NO to sandwiches” or “20 easy lunch ideas for kids” and these ideas they had involved sending my kid to school with salad, quinoa, salmon and other things my child would rather starve than eat. So for us there are a lot of fluffernutter sandwiches with applesauce and cracker packs.

Party girl.

You. I strive to be you, you party planning, cake pop baking, decorating pro. Go ahead and search “birthday party” on Pinterest and tell me what you see. Complete walls coated with balloons, tables with jars full of candies and streamers hung from everywhere. Every birthday that comes and goes gets a little more extreme around here, partly because I want my children to have an amazing day but also because their birthdays are a celebration for me too. 

Mother of all activities.

I am always getting tagged in things on Facebook that I should try to do with the boys and even though they all look like a bunch of fun its often hard to make it happen. These activities are normally meant for bigger kids but it’s not fair to exclude the little ones and I don’t exactly trust them with scissors or hot glue. To the mom’s growing geodes, making play centers, science experiments and sensory bins, I salute you.

Zen mom.

This mom is sneaky, she might have one kid or thirteen but she and the children are always effortlessly put together. Nothing irks me more than the fact that nothing irks the zen mom! Girl, your kid just threw up in your shoes, tossed his entire lunch to the dog, beat his brother with a remote and lost your debit card but your response is still “it’s okay, no big deal.” How are you doing this? I can’t stay level headed for one week let alone the entire duration of toddlerhood. Tell me your secrets!

There are so many ways to be a mom its unreal and if you are just having fun mapping out your own route, then you and I are one in the same. Whether you think you have it all figured out, you’re a hot mess, young, old, mother of one, step mom, octomom or other, just know that we are all in this together.

Remember you are doing your best.

You do not have to measure up to Pinterest.


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