Summing Up Christmas

A little bit late but a Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, I hope that your holidays went off without a hitch. I’m one of those “only 359 days until Christmas,” types of people so I am already excited for next year. As for 2017, there were a few things that truly made this year a special kind of success.

How old are you?

pexels-photo-749355First of all the boys ages are absolutely perfect for ringing in the holidays. Baby A finally understands the concept of receiving a gift, how to open it and even learned that there are actually things inside so that was a hoot. Baby J and Little M both made actual requests this year (M even made a little list for Santa which made shopping especially easy).

Chippy, our elf on the shelf.

He may have the same name as the elf in the movie but this little elf is ours, all ours. This season all three boys had loads of fun waking up and searching for their elf, so much that when my middle little found out that he went home on Christmas Eve night his little face dropped into a frown. In that moment I wished that Chippy could hang out all year, but the 11:00 PM me that forgets to move the little bugger around was happy to say “sayonara sucker.”

Christmas morning.

On the night before Christmas I had this ingenious idea to tie a bell to Baby J’s door, seeing as how he is the first child awake 99% of the time and totally the kind of kid to open everyones gifts without making a peep. It worked. When the bell jingled I swooped out of bed and brought him into our room, then Baby A and very soon after my fiancé came in with M (this way everyone could get into the living room together at once). It was so cute watching their little faces light up on Christmas morning and for once I actually caught their reactions for a home video.

The power of giving.26166685_1922033534490997_866400788096933187_n

This year the school sent home a letter about a holiday shop stating that the kids would be given a budget and a list of whom to shop for and then allowed to go from there. The gifts came home wrapped up and on Christmas day Little M couldn’t wait to hand them out. Before he even unwrapped his own gifts he brought me a little baggy and asked me to open my present, then he watched me with eager eyes. It was one of the sweetest parts of my morning.


As for the picture of Baby J, I’m not entirely certain why my child decided to put himself face down on the floor next to a pile of presents but I am very happy to have captured this moment. Christmas was full of a lot of laughs and we are truly blessed to spend these days together like this. I am forever grateful for the people that I have in my life; my wonderful finance and my beautiful children.

The new year is almost here so be sure to count your blessings twice. 

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