Dear Doctor

Thanks to a sudden sickness in the house, yesterday was just another day that was too busy to even attempt writing anything. Today I want to thank everyone who helped make yesterday a little bit less stressful.

I’m trying to be a “real grown up” and make the appointments to get my health checked when it should be. It was supposed to be my day off, my day to kind of relax, instead it felt like I was running in place from start to finish.

Let’s just go over how I thought my day would go:

  1. Do some light cleaning.
  2. Relax.
  3. Go to doctor.
  4. Come home.
  5. Make cookies.
  6. Rest and write.

How my day actually went:

The morning actually went very well, Little M went off to school, the laundry was started, dishes were finished and I even managed to vacuum. Then once I cleaned myself up and started putting on my makeup Baby A barfed all over my clean floor, himself and his blanket. *Insert my “oh my god, why me” face.* EA71B864-C54F-4104-B841-04769EDDB4D0That’s when I noticed the fever so we laid down for a quick cuddle on the couch and flipped and he flopped and he just could not get his head comfortable. Ear infection. This is where the doctor squeezed him into their schedule and my mom agreed to babysit him while I was at my appointment. Also while I was out, the boys uncle and my mother in law noticed that Baby J also seemed down and out. I should have just taken him to see a doctor right when I got home but he seemed fine, that is until his fever spiked to 103.9 out of nowhere. I plugged him full of ibuprofen and raced to the closest open urgent care.

What a coincidence that Baby J also had an ear infection in the same ear and one week before both boys have their well-check. Ear infections aren’t contagious. I’m blown away. I’m also tired.

Anyhow, I’m so appreciative of our family for helping out when we are in a pinch. I’m also very thankful that our doctors office is willing to work with me when I need to fit in a sick baby last minute and for the urgent care center that checked us in and out in twenty-five minutes so that we could make it to the pharmacy on time to get antibiotics. Someone always gets sick in our house right before Christmas and I hope that I’m just a few days everyone will be in tip top shape again.

Hoping to muster the energy to get a little more writing done tonight but as for now, and always, thanks for reading!

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