Persuasive Media

Today has been a busy day. Work, dentist, grocery store, house chores and Survivor is on which means I forgot to write until now.

I am thankful for all media that conveys a positive message.

Whether it’s a happy video of an animal sanctuary on Facebook or an old movie that has wholesome content, I love it. After posting about all of my favorite Christmas movies the other day I just had to put one on and the boys chose Rudolph. In the beginning (middle-ish maybe) of the movie you see Rudolph get kicked out of the reindeer games because his little lightbulb nose gets revealed.

Little M looks at me and says,

“It’s not fair that they won’t let him play, is it mom? You can’t treat someone mean because they’re different.”

Floored! I was floored! I know my child is a good boy, but I didn’t expect something so profound to come out of his mouth. It’s one of those moments where you feel like you are doing something right as a parent. Although this is a lesson that was already taught to my son, Rudolph brought it to his attention in a colorful and creative way which really solidified the message. The messages in books, cartoons and movies can truly help to make or break the life lessons that we try to ingrain in our children.

It goes to show that what you put in front of your child has a much bigger impact than you may realize.

That’s all for today guys but as always, thanks for reading!

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