So Full Of Wisdom (Teeth)

On the seventh day of Christmas I am thankful for soft foods and a next day dentist appointment. While not having tooth pain would be preferred, beggars can’t be choosers and I will gladly settle for some vegan ice cream.

Over the summer, because I am the worst kind of procrastinator, I had this dull ache in my mouth that went away the next day. Come autumn the pain returned and I felt what I thought was an old popcorn kernel in my mouth but when I took a look in there, there was the top of a wisdom tooth staring back at me. Despite good advice, I waited to go see a dentist and today that delaying came back to bite me in the bum.

My jaw feels like it was hit with a shovel.

Earlier today, my friend gave me a vegan cookie that his mom had made and when I started chewing it up I realized that chewing wasn’t going to be one of my Tuesday activities. At home I made a big pot of soup and some (extra moist) stuffing so luckily I had managed to fill my belly.

Now it’s time to rest and relax. As always, thanks for reading!

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