On The Third Day Of Christmas

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! There are loads of fluffy flakes flying around Western New York right now and I am loving it. I got out of work today to find my car lightly dusted and the roads a slushy mess but that’s just the way I like my winters. No, this isn’t an “I’m thankful for the snow,” post, though I can’t promise that one isn’t coming.

This Friday I am thankful for my coworkers.


I know a lot of people who dread going to work. Their coworkers are insufferable, the work load is heavier than they can carry, the stress is amounting and they feel that they are under appreciated and underpaid. Me on the other hand? I pop up out of bed in the morning whether it’s 4:00 AM or 7:00 AM. The environment that I work in can occasionally be a little bit hectic, but the people that I work with are funny, kind hearted and good at their jobs (which means there’s a pretty even work load).f9a3a5132393391d82b7f40dc45c2739

The only negative that I can really drum up about my job is that there isn’t more time for idle chit chat and being that my world revolves around my household, work is my “mommy time out.” 

Did I mention that one of my coworkers bought me something for lunch today? We also have a secret Santa coming up, which is my first ever present exchange. I’m so excited!

I’m so happy to have found a job surrounded by genuinely good people.

Wishing you a wonderful Friday and safe weekend. As always, thanks for reading!

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