A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus! I’ve been counting down to Christmas longer than my littles and as a part of my twelve days of Christmas I’ll be posting something that I am thankful for each day.

Before we dive into that, are the twelve days of Christmas the 1st through the 12th of December or the 13th through the 25th? Or neither?
Someone help me.

The other day I was sitting in my bathroom while Babies A & J took a bath and I thought to myself, “this place came together quite nicely.” It’s not like the room underwent any kind of major renovation or anything, we are renters after all, but eight months ago I threw a coat of paint on the wall and changed it up a bit. Eventually I finished up the decorating, found a nicer shower curtain and tied the room together with some accents. These are some of my favorite things: bathroom edition.

This is just the lid to a tin of tampons if we’re being honest here, but it makes a great counter dish. In it is one of the first Christmas decorations that I bought when I moved out on my own with Baby M, my Old Factory candle (Christmas scents only) and some Mrs. Meyers hand soap. My collection of Mrs. Meyers cleaning supplies is growing and growing, I just bought the Iowa Pine Holiday set and I’m in love. Give me all the Clean Days!!


Look how adorable this new bathroom stool is. Given the fact that I put my bum right through the bottom of the $15 plastic one, it seemed like as good a time as any to upgrade to this little guy. Solid wood and hopefully strong enough to support the weight of a grown woman. Even though the bathroom stool is for the little guys to wash their hands and brush their teeth, its also how I stay comfortable and dry during bath time.

Also in my bathroom is a daily reminder to put a smile on. Thank you Zulily for always recommending that I check out the cute new wall decor. I adore this sign. 

I suppose I should plug in here that our clothes washer is in our bathroom, which makes part of our bathroom a mini-laundry room. Not entirely sure why people on HGTV are always whining about having the laundry in their bathroom, I find it extremely convenient.


My little vintage laundry decorations. I have two antique laundry ads, one for detergent and the other for fabric softener, and then my antique washboard. I’m not certain why, but I’ve always had an odd fascination with washboards, and given their recent growing popularity in the “rustic chic” world, I guess that I’m not so strange. I scored the ads on ebay for a very good deal (given the fact that not many people want laundry detergent ads).


Continuing on with the laundry theme, this is my super cutesy little laundry hamper. Long story short: Little M and I went to our favorite store one day, TJ Maxx, and I looked at baskets for half an hour to feed my basket obsession. He said we should get the big one, I didn’t think it would fit, he was right but I have no regrets because this thing is too cute.

And last but certainly not least are these items that sit on my bathroom shelf. The flower is a candle holder, nothing too special. However, the chest was a gift from my very first best friend (I believe from Cancun) and I have held onto it for almost nineteen years now. The contents are forever changing, but right now it holds jewelry and some other odds and ends.


I know this is an extremely random grouping of items, I promise that my bathroom isn’t as cluttered as this post seems to be. As always thank you for reading and be sure to stay tuned for more of my twelve days of Christmas! 

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