Sleep Mom, Sleep

Mom sleep by very new definition is the attempt (and failure) at achieving a good nights rest. The causes of mom sleep can range from new baby to five year old with nightmares, but all sufferers exhibit the same symptoms.

My brain isn’t working at its best today, in fact the most I can process is that a bowl of chili and a heavy comforter sound, well, comforting. My sweet babes did a number on my sleep last night. Baby A stayed up late and gave me cuddles but still woke up around 2:30AM for a bottle, and not long after Little M had a

“nightmare about a spider”

so he flipped and flopped around in my bed half the night. At some point I remember asking him to trudge off to his own bedroom and he stood, but when he did he paused in the doorway and said, “I had a nightmare about a spider,” to me again in a very deflated tone of voice. As if he was trying to get me to understand that for the night his room was simply out of question.

My middle little, Baby J, didn’t necessarily disturb my sleep but he did wake up at 6:00 AM. Rather that “relax and watch cartoons” like my fiancé said he would, he came into the bathroom and brushed his teeth with me, after that he oogled himself in the mirror and watched me put on my makeup. Then he kissed me goodbye and sent me off to work.

Of all the nights that I have spent losing sleep to my littles, I think last night was the best. Late night cuddles, an all night snuggle buddy and early morning kisses.

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