If You Give A Mom Some Groceries

All I wanted was to make a quick stop at the farmers market and load all of my veggies into the refrigerator. Instead I ended up racing around my house like a mad woman doing a dozen chores.

When you give a mom some groceries she will go to put them away, and when she goes to put them away her middle little will decide that he needs some applesauce.

While getting applesauce for the middle little, the littlest will decide that he needs some applesauce too.

Since both babies are in their high chairs, she will realize that now is a good time to pick up the toys and while putting away the toys it would only make sense to make the beds.

While making the beds she will notice that there is laundry to be put away, and putting away the laundry will remind her that she needs to get clean clothes on (bye bye work clothes).

Piling up her work clothes means having to take them to the washing machine and on the way she will see that the bathroom counter needs to be cleaned.

Once the counter is clean she will remember about those groceries sitting on the kitchen counter.

Getting to the groceries will remind her that she’s tired and that it’s time for a break. The groceries can wait.

Hope you enjoyed this. It ran through my head while I was running around the house.

Have a wonderful Monday and as always, thanks for reading.

One thought on “If You Give A Mom Some Groceries

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