Little Toy Hospital

As my little ones grow so does the number of toy casualties around our house. Most toys are a no brainer: cracked, torn and into the trash, but there are a select few that the kids won’t let go of.

Currently our house is home to a no-ears, three legged stuffed giraffe (a best friend to Baby M all throughout his baby and toddler years). We also have a puppy stuffed animal that has had both ears, an arm and a leg surgically reattached. Then there are the countless toys I have tried to recover after they have been doodled on with sharpie or snapped across their seams. All of these success stories, but a recent fascination of my younger two boys has threatened to put an end to the entire stuffed animal population.

Baby J and Baby A have been taking the fluff out of any toy they can find the tiniest tear in.

I’m not talking about a couple little bits either, imagine walking into a room and finding fluff everywhere and completely unstuffed animals scattered around. Normally I’ll save the stuffing and reuse it but recently all of the stuffing for a Paw Patrol stuffed animal was thrown out and I was left with just the outside, so I gathered up some cotton balls and made the most of it.

The end result was a lot better than I had expected and I plan on doing the same thing to a stuffed monster (Sully) that just lost half of his arm.

Any other moms out there always repairing their little ones toys? I do it so often that my fiancé started to call me a real life Doc McStuffins.

Do you have a little destroyer too, or is your little one gentle with their toys?

Comment below and as always, thanks for reading!!


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