My Christmas Wish

It may be too early to bring up Christmas, but I’ve already been humming sweet Christmas tunes for a month and a half so forgive me. This year my Christmas wish isn’t for wanting anything, in fact its for the exact opposite.

I want less.

Less gifts for the kids. Presents of years passed have not gone unappreciated, but they pile up very quickly and it’s such a nonsense complaint to have, “my kids get too much,” but it is so true! They’re losing the value in Christmas, it’s all about the most or the biggest. How fast can we unwrap these presents and pile them on top of each other? In addition to them falling prey to this conventional Christmas of receive, receive, receive, everyone around us is falling prey to the worst kind of consumerism. We start a pile, Santa brings a jolly old sack, and every relative walking through the door brings a bundle.

I just want my kids to appreciate the season, the holiday and the time together. Being a child, of course I was excited for my gifts, but my favorite part was putting up decorations, playing in the snow and singing with the music. Nowadays I’m screening thirteen phone calls about what to get the kids before we even have our tree up.

So before you call, here it is:

  • Bring a book with a handwritten message in it.
  • One outfit.
  • One pair of shoes.
  • One inside toy (no removable parts, once they lose one they never touch it again).
  • One outside toy (does not have to be season specific).


If you see something that has my kid written all over it, ask before you buy it because maybe Santa is already working on it. You can get one kind of gift or one of each, or none of any, I’m not telling you exactly what to do. All I’m asking is that you don’t walk through the toy section and grab one of each because you want my kid to feel special.

Your presence, not presents, make this day wonderful.

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