Stop Buying Diaper Pail Refills

While some parents view diaper pails as an unnecessary expense, I have gotten more than my fair share of use out of ours. Obviously there are other options for diaper disposal like walking each diaper outside to the bin, wrapping them individually in old plastic market bags or just tossing them straight into the can inside so they can stink up your whole house. None of those really fit me.

Know what else doesn’t fit me? 
Paying $15 for twenty diaper pail inserts.

It just adds insult to injury. Diapers themselves are already $35 or more per box and their sole purpose is to catch waste then go into the trash. It is the most literal example I can think of for the phrase “throwing away money,” and I think it’s safe to say that I have thrown away thousands of dollars on diapers, diaper pail and inserts by now.

Short story: I took a diaper to the pail about a month ago and noticed that the pail was full, so I reached into the cupboard for a new bag and found that I was grabbing one of the last few that we had left. This was my signal to get online and order a new box of them, but this time when I hit “add to cart” I felt really annoyed by the whole idea. Instead of ordering them, I brainstormed and when the day came along that my fiancé told me that he had used the last bag I was ready.

IMG_8056 (1)

Diaper pail ring.

“When that bag is full, let me know.” I said.

Having two little ones in diapers it didn’t take long for the bag to fill up and I set my little plan in motion.

Step one: cut this ring off of the diaper bag that we were removing. (Honestly, we could have just cut it off before the bag was full of dirty diapers, but I wasn’t positive my plan would work and I didn’t want to totally waste the bag). 

Step two: feed a garbage bag through the hole and secure it underneath the plastic flaps which will now be what holds your bag in place.


Finished product.

Make sure the bag is touching the bottom of the pail! I did not do that at first (as you can see in the picture) and when the bag started to fill up it was harder for the pail to spin it shut. We’ve been doing this for a couple weeks now and that’s the only problem that we have encountered.

This was just a silly little idea from the frustrated brain of a mother and it has turned into a money saving mom hack that I’m really excited about. The garbage bags we used are cheap, no drawstring and scent free which means their cost is about one third the price of the diaper pail inserts. Although, on further consideration the scented bags might also be a smart spin to put on this project.

So there you have it, the number one reason to stop throwing away your money on diaper pail bags! Give it a go, tell me how it works for you and as always, thanks for reading. 


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