Time To Declutter

One day I’m sure I will know how to take a proper day off from work, but today was not that day. I’m always cooking up new projects for myself that range from simple and small, like baking banana bread, to obnoxious and time consuming, like decluttering two storage spaces in one afternoon.

Just a few short days ago I decided to get my butt into the storage space above our back room and empty it of everything. Realistically there wasn’t even that much stuff up there, it was just so poorly organized that each of the dozen boxes were only about halfway full and just a handful of things in each box ended up being worth keeping. Naively I believed that this project would only take me about an hour. Step number one involved finding someone to lend me a tall, sturdy ladder since our rickety six footer wasn’t going to be very helpful. Looking back I should have also borrowed a step counter from someone to better gauge how many trips up and down I made carrying boxes both ways.

Among the old VHS tapes I found some hidden gems like photo albums with pictures of old classmates and toys we hadn’t seen in ages that I am positive someone will be able to enjoy. Me being me, not everything could go directly into the trash and for that reason there is an enormous box marked FREE in our driveway.

It feels like I have blogged once or twice before about purging things out of the house and I want to clarify that our home isn’t some squaller of hoarding or anything. Getting rid of things that seem unnecessary is an absolutely wonderful feeling and I do it around the same time every year. Just the other day it was old children’s shoes and blankets that left for the big red donation bin and coming up soon it will be whatever has gone untouched in the pantry for a long time.

When it comes to stuff my belief system is pretty cut and dry, if you haven’t worn it, played with it or needed it in the last year: give it up.

On top of just eliminating clutter I also managed to reorganize all kinds of things today and gave everything a place of it’s own. Old curtains that I hope to hang in our future home someday soon were folded and tucked into a new bin, holiday decorations were organized and readied for quick access. All in all I feel super accomplished, but also very tired with aching muscles.

Is it bedtime yet?

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