Bath Babbles

When you have a tribe of littles you’ll find all kinds of odd sentences and questions coming out of your mouth. Things like, “don’t touch the dogs butt,” or “please don’t eat your earwax.” If you don’t have little ones you may be surprised to find out that those aren’t among the weirdest.

Bath time can be a place for getting clean, playing with tub bubbles and a little light play. It can also be a place for bigger messes, total mayhem and a drench fest. Last night it was the latter.

We took the younger two boys out back for some trampoline time while their brother was off at dinner. Of course that led to digging in the dirt and quite a bit of sweating which meant they both stunk and needed a good scrub down. I put both monsters in the tub at the same time, as I’ve done many times before, and expected things to run smoothly. Shame on me for my foolishness. Everything started out relatively calm, I had high hopes, but then came the splashing, the spitting and the mess. Not only did the boys get a good soak, so did the bathroom and my shirt. I also found myself saying things like:

“Don’t drink the bath water.”

“Don’t touch that it’s a booger.”

“Please, sit down. Sit down. Don’t touch that. Sit on your butt. You’re going to fall. See…I told you.”

“Keep your hands to yourself, don’t touch his butt.”

“Don’t dump water on his head.”

“No more splashing.”

“Do not lick that.”


Ultimately bath time ended with two squeaky clean babies that smelled amazing thanks to my Posh goodies. I’ve been using Perfectly Posh soap and body butter on the boys on a regular basis and Baby J gets a little body scrub on his arms. He likes it, but I also believe he shares my same skin condition that means dry, bumpy skin if you don’t exfoliate.

So, that’s bath babbles for you today.
Maybe more to follow?

As always, thanks for reading!

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