Miracle Bandaids

For the first time in a long time, my five year old got a cut at home that required a bandaid, or so I was told because I haven't actually looked at it myself. In fact, it's likely that he won't let the bandaid be removed for another three days or more unless it falls off on its own.

Now, if there was not a bandaid on this cut it would be a life threatening wound that he barely lived to tell about. However, insert the miracle bandaid and now he "only cried a little bit," and wants to wave it around like a badge of honor. There's something so mysterious about the way a child's mind works and it really speaks to the phrase:

Out of sight, out of mind.

While I fully understand that little scratches and brush burns can sting in the open air, I've witnessed day long episodes over tapping a finger too hard against the table (no marks left behind). At some point we just started saying "no," to the constant chase for bandaids because that money piles up pretty quickly. What are bandaids these days, like $3.00 to $5.00 a box? So when your child needs three a day, you're looking at a hefty penny for some absorbent stickers. Of course, the price problem is also a bit self inflicted. I always fall victim to the more expensive Spongebob and TMNT boxes, but the little characters on the bandaids are just so cute. Anyone else think so?

How about your little ones? Any molehill into a mountain babes out there that can't quite handle a tiny bit of red?

Speaking of red and booboos. I don't recall if I posted about Baby J and his broken toe, but basically his toe was smashed when he was playing with a plastic toy chair. Since that happened about a month ago there has been a big black spot under his toenail that just recently started to fade. By fade I mean that the dried blood began to seep out in each bath because his nail was preparing to fall off. *Insert gagging.* I don't handle these kinds of things well. Just the other day the boys were playing in their room when Baby M hollered out to us.

"Mom, Baby J's toe looks like it's got red on it, but it's not bleeding."

"M, that doesn't make sense. Is it bleeding?"

"Ummmm…no but there's blood."

So now I'm confused and my fiancé goes to pull Baby J from their room. Sure enough this little stinker pulled his toenail off. Gross.

Here's to happy healing and to rugged little boys!

Don't be afraid to leave your little ones booboo stories below, just try to spare me the super gory details!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and as always thank you for reading!

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