Cookie Monster

Baking has been my number one hobby lately, partly because making my own is easier than searching for vegan store bought and partly because my kids won't stop asking for cookies.

My sweet middle little, Baby J, just came up to me about an hour ago asking for a "giant cookie." I told him that if he behaved I would go to the store for one, but quickly changed my mind and decided to bake some instead. Rather than coming up with a game plan I just started dumping ingredients into the bowl. Vegan butter, peanut butter, brown sugar and so on. I scooped out some dough balls and plopped them onto a tray, unsure if what I threw together would turn out just right. They looked a little rough around the edges and didn't quite flatten themselves out the way that I had hoped, so I worried that they would be cakey instead of chewy. Not a chance! They are thick, chewy, sweet and soft with a crispy outer layer. I've never been so impressed with such a haphazardly thrown together batch of cookies.

Baby J ate his first cookie and returned for a second, I obliged. Then he came back for another one, conned his father into handing over a forth and just when I had my back turned snuck a fifth off the countertop.

These cookies receive an A+ from myself, Baby J and Baby A. So far we've already crushed over a half dozen, oops.

Recipe to follow.

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