Big Changes

Making changes can be scary, not to mention that they take significantly more work than just sticking to the same old habits. A few months ago I was driving a cruddy truck, working at a job that I liked just enough and avoiding things like writing because of the effort required to do them. Sad, isn’t it? I was so complacent that I was borderline boring myself to death. I was stuck in the same cycle of make money, pay the bills, do the chores and repeat (not that I’m necessarily avoiding any of those things right now).

Insert a new outfit, purse, wallet, car and job.

Sometimes you really need to take a leap of faith and go for whatever it is that you have your eyes on. Just a little over a year ago we were Saved By A Stranger when our truck broke down a little bit past the PA state line. Memories of that horrid day had me nervous to take our car anywhere, which meant turning down invites and avoiding a lot of travel. With the truck literally falling apart around me, I drove it up to the dealership and weighed my options. Now, I have a beautiful new car that doesn’t frighten me to drive and doesn’t drip water on my passengers when it’s raining.

Before the new car came the new job. Though I was content with my previous employment, the idea of different hours and better pay was very enticing so, insert leap of faith, I put in an application. It has been a bit over two months since I was hired and I love both my job and the people that I work with. You can find me pouring coffees and fetching donuts for the locals but the environment is a blast and I couldn’t be happier with the switch.

Big changes also came for the boys with summer, but we’ll cover that in another post on a different day. Also coming up: I ordered one of those squished/rolled up mattresses online which feels extraordinarily risky but only time will tell if that was a good or bad move (so expect an honest review on that).

Keep your eyes open to the options available to you and don’t become so stuck in the same routine that you miss out on things that you will love, or learn from. You’ll hear from me again soon, but in the meantime and as always thanks for reading!

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