Happy Fourth!

Our little town blasts off fireworks every third of July, so we’ve already enjoyed our big bangs. Last night we wheeled the wagon down to the end of the pier and watched them launch firework after firework. 

The littles had mixed reactions this year. Baby M, our big boy, watched in amazement with a huge smile on his face whenever he wasn’t shouting out in joy. Baby J, my middle little, was thouroughly confused and/or concerned on the way as our neighbors shot off fireworks of their own. He kept asking, “mommy, mommy, what was that?!” throughout our walk and pointing to the sky. Then there was our sweet litttle Baby A who wasn’t quite as impressed with all of the hoopla. Of course it was two hours past bedtime and he was ready to crash before we even got there. His eyes were drifting closed until the first big POP, then they went wide and the waterworks started flowing. He ended up being held the entire time while my fiancé and I traded off turns sitting in the wagon with Baby J.

I have to say that skipping our annual trip to PA for the fourth is bittersweet. We didn’t celebrate with handpicked fireworks and our family, but we did enjoy a nice day (once I got out of work and home from the vet) and a relatively calm night. Vet visit, you ask? Well, my sweet pup was having some issues in the backyard the other day and upon further inspection (yes, I watched her potty) it seemed that there is blood coming out when she goes. Her vet said that there is a presence of white blood cells and crystals which could just mean an infection, or could mean anything from stones to the dreaded C word. Fingers crossed for a quick resolution.

Today, I’m busting my bum at a new job and then hopefully going home to switch into some shorts and a tank (because oh my word, it’s so hot out today) then maybe a trip to the park or the local splash pad for some Fourth of July fun.

Everyone have a wonderful day, celebrate safely and as always thanks for reading!

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