There’s No Crying In Baseball

Last year my oldest child entered the world of organized sports and for months after it was over all I heard about was soccer. This year, with school nearing its end, a letter for the local baseball teams was sent home in his folder and I was more than excited. Whether it is considered tradition or not, there have been a lot of baseball players in my family including my older brother who is still good friends with a great portion of his childhood team mates. I want to give my children the opportunity to build strong, lifelong friendships at a young age too and learning to work as a team seems like an easy way to accomplish that.

When I first asked Baby M how he felt about playing baseball I got a big,

“No thank you, I don’t wanna.”

Seeing as I had already sent in his sign up form with a check, that wasn’t exactly going to fly so I asked him again and received a similar response to the first one. “Oh god,” I thought, “I just wasted $60.” Then I thought about my dad. Baby M idolizes him and everything that he does, so I plugged into my offer that Papa could likely make it to some of his practices and games. BAM! Just like that, I had a baseball player.

Skip to the first day of practice. He seemed over the moon to be there and even jumped right into practice without hesitation. Promptly going where he was told, running the bases and switching spots with the other kids.

Before I knew it he was way in the outfield with the coach and a few other kids playing catch while his little brothers had a fit in the little red wagon. When I finished fussing with them and redirected my attention to the field I was surprised to see him walking over to his bio-dad with the coach. Considering I couldn’t here any screaming or crying, I just assumed that he had to go pee (he had been slamming water between stations). Then the obvious head tilt and as he got closer and I could see blood stains on his t-shirt.

He caught a baseball with his face.

This would typically be surrounded by certain hysterics. A panic over the blood, shrieking over the pain, tears over the whole experience. Instead, he stood the calmly and allowed me to pinch the bridge of his nose to stop the bleeding. When I was done wiping the blood from his face I was sure that he was going to ask if he could be all done and instead, to my surprise yet again, he asked to return to the field.

I was blown away! Who is this kid and what has he done with my baby?! 

Now we are moving onto week three of baseball and we are also only one week away from the beginning of soccer. You didn’t think I was getting out of that one, did you? This boy loves soccer and it seems as if he’s loving baseball as well. I’m so proud of him for the way that he handled himself and for dedicating himself to trying these new sports and growing a fondness for them. 

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