Late Night Thoughts

I’m 100% certain that I am the most stealthy  person to ever exist, up until my kids are sleeping.

If you think the content gets better from here, you’re wrong.

Seriously, have you ever tried to creep into the room of a sleeping child? The knob suddenly develops a clicking noise, the hinges squeal and your pants get stuck on the door frame. Not good. Then you sneak through the room only to find that the thing you thought was one place, isn’t. Turn on your phone for a flashlight or bumble through the dark? It’s a ten minute decision making process!
The other day, I went full blown MacGyver and fixed my mop with a balloon. There’s a tiny rubber ring that lines the rim of the refillable bottle and it was too stretched out. I contemplated rubber bands, hair ties, etc. but when I opened my junk drawer there were balloons and it hit me! The end is exactly the size and material that I needed. BOOM! No more leak. You’re welcome.

Speaking of the junk drawer… for some reason I have trouble saying those two words together and it almost always comes out as “drunk drawer.” Which seems equally as fitting because it certainly doesn’t have its shit together.

When I came home tonight I did my usual clean up what I can and sit to relax and have some snacks thing. Then I needed to let the dog out and heard something crack beneath my foot on the carpet. Any guesses as to what was underneath it? A light saber.

As far as toys go, I have recently decided that I can only do so much in one day and as long as the house is livable and not an eyesore then I am doing a good job. Part of my laid back approach to housework now has me going to bed amidst a scene of action figures. Batman, the black power ranger, Iron Man and one of the white suit guys from Star Wars are standing in a circle watching the red power ranger fight Darth Vader. In the meantime the Black Panther is beaten and crumpled a couple feet away.

I left my tea at work by accident.

I wonder when my town will get more green energy.

Does anyone think this year will have a normal amount of rainfall in NY?

Recently purchased some grass seed…curious if I can actually grow grass or not. Also painted the bathroom and mudroom in our apartment, they look lovely and I would like to spend all of my free time in those rooms from now on.

Okay ya’ll if you made it this far, I’m sorry for wasting your time. Thanks for reading and goodnight!!

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