If You Don’t Give A Mom Her Coffee

Coffee and I have a very serious relationship and it always used to come first, but these days it’s just not the same.

I wish I could say that “nothing happens before coffee” applied in my house, but it simply doesn’t. If you’re a parent then I’m sure you can relate. This morning stripping down bed sheets came before coffee because someone peed the bed. Of course that meant bath time had to come before coffee as well, not for one but two kids because the one who didn’t pee the bed climbed into bed with the one who did.

If ever there was a time for an automatic coffee maker it was right then. Not that it would be of too much use, I can’t necessarily set a timer for my coffee pot since my children are my alarm clock and they always go off at different times.

Back to the story, after baths it was time to start the laundry because to be frank, who likes the smell of stale piss on their bedding and clothes? Now then, right here is where I expected to insert coffee into my morning, but that just wouldn’t seem fair since the boys didn’t have breakfast yet. So back onto the back burner goes my cup of hot deliciousness. I scramble up some eggs, make some sausage, grab mini muffins and a banana (seems relatively balanced, right?) and I get the boys into their seats.

Now, coffee!

But when I get over to grab the pot I notice there are bottles and dishes in the sink… and I have never been able to work in a kitchen that doesn’t have an empty sink. What the hell is wrong with me? Dishes get done, coffee gets made, I climb onto the couch and BAM, Baby J needs to go potty. Into the bathroom we go and on our way out I see that the washer is done, time to switch the load to the dryer and start load number two.

Now here I am, blogging before coffee.

Everyone have a wonderful Tuesday, Baby A (who just had a bath) is smearing bananas all over himself at the moment. What’s going to come first, cleaning the baby again or drinking a cup of liquid life?

The answer is neither, Baby J needs juice.

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