When You Have A Messy Kid

If you have more than one child, chances are you have a messy one somewhere in the bunch. To clarify, I’m not talking messy like “they don’t know where their mouth is yet.” I’m talking dirt from head to toe even though they just left the bathtub five minutes ago.

My middle little is a walking mess, in fact, right now he is covered in dirt, pizza sauce, juice and some other things I have yet to identify. Frankly he looks like that little dirt ball from Charlie Brown, some kid who’s mother hasn’t bathed him in three weeks and yet he took a bath just hours ago. To make matters worse he’s also a human wrecking ball which means that beneath the dirt and grime are a steady cycle of bruises and scrapes which he acquires while destroying things around our house. Again, to clarify, I’m not talking about your average little kid messes. My sweet Baby J has the ability to climb up to the top bunk and empty all of its bedding and contents in under sixty seconds. He can throw every book off the shelf faster than you can say, “dammit!” and my walls and floors require being scrubbed constantly because he spits juice, rubs PB&J around, and enjoys flinging anything red or sticky.

I imagine in the future he will be the one coming inside literally dripping in mud, I’m preparing for that now I suppose since he is often dripping in juice and ketchup.

Irony, though, is a funny thing. The same little boy who walks my house trashing himself and everything in sight also has a passion for cleaning (not that he’s a big help just yet). Some of his favorite toys include a play mop, broom and dust pan. He often asks for wipes to clean the living room table whether it needs it or not and grabs towels from the kitchen to clean up spills (often caused by him). He follows me with his play broom while I sweep and “helps” me and asks for turns with the vacuum.

He’s a funny boy, this two year old of mine, now if only I could keep him clean.

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