The Party Never Stops

Recap on birthday numbers two and three which would be Baby A’s first and Baby M’s fifth.

Life got busy again, quite busy, and I haven’t had the time to write about much of anything. I’ve jotted some things down in the notes on my phone that I can no longer understand, so let’s just cover the last two birthdays like I meant to do one at a time.

Baby A’s first birthday! 

First things first, my sweet baby is now a one year old which feels positively impossible. Maybe it’s just because he is the baby in the family, but I feel like he isn’t ready to be one yet and despite wearing 24 month clothes he doesn’t seem big enough!

  • His mouth is jam packed full of teeth (to date he has nine complete, one molar half way through and tree molars that are resting just beneath the gums).
  • Though he took a little break from being impressed by mommy singing Frank Sinatra, he is loving Fly Me To The Moon yet again.
  • We are also working tirelessly at walking and he enjoys standing up to grab at anything in reach!

His birthday party was a blast. We did a circus themed party with tons of streamers and balloons everywhere. This time I even remembered to put the balloons on strings so I could dispose of them promptly to stop my poor dog from freaking out. I frosting cupcakes with strawberry and chocolate frosting, we ordered some pizza and indulged in some tasty junk food. It was so nice to be surrounded by family, including my adorable little nephew and many other loved ones. Baby A received lots of love, and gifts, but wanted nothing to do with the cake.

Boy, this recap is coming out choppy. Forgive me, but I’m tired and just wrapped up Baby M’s birthday and settled all three boys into bed. Now I’m ready for bed but I really wanted to memorialize these things before I forget to. After all, this blog is for returning to memories later on in life and I suppose my poor attempts to properly construct a story while tired is a memory as well.

Anyhow! As it would turn out, the birthday boy partied through teething, a fever and a nasty ear infection (we found out the next day at his one year check up). Luckily his birthday still went over well. He’s a lucky baby.

Baby M’s fifth birthday!

This one hit me like a kick to the gut! Of course my youngest turning one, or even my middle turning two, wasn’t easy but my oldest gracing five is a whole new ball game. Five years of motherhood, wiping butts, drying tears and making some darn good PB&J’s.

  • Loves Power Rangers!
  • Coming up on registering for kindergarten next year and still enjoying school.
  • Can’t wait to play soccer again.
  • Still loving pizza, candy, apples, bananas and most healthy snacks.

So, we had a Power Rangers birthday which is an idea he got after our Mommy and Baby M date night from a couple weeks back. We had a red velvet cake by request (his favorite) and pizza with regular sauce also by request. He wore his old Power Ranger Halloween costume all night long and we kept the TV tuned to monster fighting rangers all throughout the party. The young lady he refers to as his girlfriend and his friend from next door both came over for a while during the party and I thought that was really special.

Oh no, my eyes are getting squinty. Sleep is closing in.

He had a lot of wonderful guests like his great grandma and his grandpa from PA, my brother (despite having a bum knee), and loads of other family members that we are so fortunate to have. It was fun and wild and I would do it all over again.

Now then, I am going to fall asleep sitting up on my couch! Hopefully I can get back into the swing of writing things here sometime soon.

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