Back To It

I haven’t really been posting much but I certainly haven’t been posting about my journey to be a fitter me.

The last thing that I did for my overall health was to become a vegetarian, which has helped me lose a whopping forty pounds and for that I am thankful. Without meat I rarely have that bloated or weighted down feeling which is really refreshing.

After becoming a vegetarian I decided to stop drinking cows milk, since the dairy industry is an especially sinister place and milk is actually not any good for you. The whole “it strengthens your bones” thing was somewhat false seeing as how it increases your likelihood of osteoporosis or how about those hormones? They don’t have to add harmful hormones to your milk, they’re already naturally present. The levels of hormones in cows milk are meant to take a baby calf and turn it into a four hundred plus pound bovine in as little time as possible. Not exactly good for you, the hormones can cause cancer of the breasts, testies, or ovaries, it can also cause lactose intolerance and excessive weight gain. So next will be the struggle to ditch dairy completely. Bye bye cheese!

For now, I’m starting a new morning detox routine that given its growing popularity I have read about on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Day #1 opinion: This is nasty.


First of all, I almost forgot that this was my plan for the morning and now my coffee is staring at me while I cheat on it with some liquid disgust. I thought I would try to chug it and get it over with but that only gave me an overwhelming feeling that I needed to vomit. It’s spicy and the apple cider vinegar is so ungodly strong. The first sip that I took I thought, “hey that’s not so bad,” but I was SO wrong. The longer it sits in my belly the more I feel uneasy about this new plan of mine. The benefits are supposed to be impressive though, including:

  • Improved digestion.
  • Clear and glowing skin.
  • Reduced bloating and water weight.
  • Lower cholesterol.
  • Suppressed appetite.
  • Soothe muscle aches and pains.
  • Help ease joint inflammation.
  • Increases circulation.
  • Balance pH levels.
  • Weight loss.
  • Kill harmful bacteria.
  • Benefit immune system.
  • Decrease hypertension.

People have been relying on apple cider vinegar through generations for a number of reasons and I’m not one to shake my head at that. Cinnamon is known for its beneficial properties too, as are honey and lemon juice (maybe cayenne is but I’ve never heard that before). Is it worth it? We’ll see.

I promise not to quit immediately, however, if I can’t see or feel any results after the first few days then I might have to ditch this detox drink. I also plan to start working out my arms for the time being, no body building just trying to tone a  bit. I also can’t promise an update any time soon but it will come eventually (always does).


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