Creativity Is Dying

No, not in general.

Do you know what happens when you don’t water a plant? Of course you do, you know that your ferns or even your cacti will die when given absolutely no water. Creativity is very much so the same as a plant, when you do not nurture creativity it will shrivel up.

For weeks, months even, it feels like I have been ripping at the seems. As if I’ve retained so much of my creativity inside myself that it’s balling up and pushing against my skin. My ribs are going to crack from the pressure and my brain will surely explode. I have tried painting, making string bracelets, I’m too gummed up to write anything proper and I’ve tried singing my heart out between customers at work. Nothing is utilizing my creativity in the way I need it to.

The cause, I’m almost certain, is that we have a huge project coming up but there isn’t much we can do about it right now. We are moving in about six months and I’ve pinned every idea, budgeted exactly what we can afford, I have picked paint colors and bought flooring… but now I have to wait. I considered ordering the things I need to make decorations for the boys playroom and whatnot, but why bother? I’ll get it ready and then have to pack it into some box just to wait until we move? Actually, in writing that out it seems less silly that I originally thought. So I’ll try that. However, I sincerely doubt it will change this feeling I have.

Ughhhh! It’s awful. I’m not exaggerating, it literally feels like I’m being split in half. What is this??

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