Birthday #1

Two days and counting until my middle little reaches the age of two. Saying that time goes by fast doesn’t even cover it, it feels like these last two years have flown by. 

Two years ago today, I was shoveling down a pound of pineapple until my cheeks were raw and going up and down the stairs a dozen times to try and get Baby J to come out. Little did I know he had no intentions to show his face until his exact due date. Contractions woke me up at five in the morning and I laid in bed until seven timing them before I woke up my fiancé and told him it was time to go. Not long after we got to the hospital he was placed in my arms, happy and healthy with eyes just like his fathers. Happy tears streaked everyone’s faces and I was whole as I watched his dad hold him for the very first time.

One year ago today, I was panicking about his first birthday. Trying to make sure that the cake, the food, the decorations and everything else was completely in place. As if that one day was the most important day of his life and it had to be absolutely perfect (it was). My baby boy danced for almost the entire length of his party, family from out of state joined in on the fun and everyone watched while he cried because he didn’t want to eat his cake.

Today my mom dropped off some Minion decorations for the party on Sunday and I rushed out soon after to get everything else (plus more decorations of course). Our little man is Minion obsessed and we’re thoroughly convinced that he believes he is one of them. There are so many “oh my god, get down from there!” moments with this boy, not to mention the new “put your brother down!” moments for when he’s lifting Baby A in the walker. Full blown little Minion. I hope that he enjoys seeing our entire apartment decked out in true Minion fashion and opens his gifts with an enormous smile when he sees A giant Minion pillow, Minion coloring books and small washable markers just for him.

I’m positive that the version of myself from last year, little Miss Over-Prepared, would be ashamed of how last minute I got everything done this year. I seriously bought the decorations, food, cake stuff and presents today but that’s life. Next month Baby A turns one and the following month Baby M and my fiancé both have their birthdays (which is why this is titled Birthday #1). It’s safe to say that this time of year will always be a little bit hectic for us and it’s crazy to think that in such a short time I’ll have a one year old, two year old and a five year old (in school nonetheless).

I’ve watched my little Baby J take such big strides towards becoming an amazing person already. He is learning his manners like please, thank you and I’m sorry and developing interests all his own. Music and dancing still seem to be his main focus throughout each and every day. He enjoys taking care of our dog, letting her out to go poo and calling her back in “Ruca, come on. Come, come here.” He follows her like a shadow, some days a little too closely as he holds onto her tail and tries to encourage her to go wherever he wants.

I can’t wait to see what time has in store for him but I wouldn’t mind it slowing down just a bit.

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