The Escape Artist

I’m writing this at nearly three in the morning because motherhood is a fickle bitch. Sometimes your kids sleep, mostly they don’t and somehow you figure out a way to make it work for you.

Baby A won’t sleep. I would love to believe that it’s about teething and will get better with time but every time a new tooth makes its way through nothing  changes but the tooth count. We’re up to six chompers, four up top and two on the bottom. Though my littlest love bird is sweet and restless, he isn’t the star of this story.

A bit ago we took another family vacation down to Pennsylvania which was much like all the others. We put up our feet, had some good laughs and spent time with family we don’t see often enough. Everything was perfect, everything but Baby J learning a new party trick that he decided to bring home from PA. Since we had no intention of disassembling and reassembling his crib for the sake of a long weekend we packed our pack n’ play and used a spare one that the boys Meme keeps on hand. (I always find it charming how many different names for “grandma” our boys have. There’s some Gigi’s, one Bumma, one Meme, and a handful of grandmas, our family is a little large and funny).

Anyhow! On to the point!

Back at home our pack n’ play was used sparingly for Baby J since Baby A grew to need it more than him, however, it still made a half way decent time out. Decent unless you turned your back and then he’d throw his leg up over the side and prepare for a jailbreak which is exactly what he did in Pennsylvania! The silly monster baby learned to escape and showed off his new talent time and time again. Every night, ten to fifteen times or more of tucking him back into bed only for him to climb back out again. There was one morning where he had apparently come out of his room, quiet enough to not wake his brother or anyone else, and took a seat on the couch. And on the couch is where he sat until Meme came out into the living room around seven or so and found him just sitting and staring at a blue TV screen.

Once we got home we feared that he would try the same thing but with his crib instead, and it’s a much higher fall for someone with such short, stocky legs. On the very first night back, he tried and succeeded! So we switched him to the bottom bunk and moved Baby M up to the tippy top (which went over far better than I had anticipated). Even with the thrill of a brand new bed it’s tough to keep him tucked in and down for the night unless he is truly ready.

Am I rambling? Probably. Am I half asleep, wondering why my ten month old refuses to shut his eyes? Yes, yes I am.

Positives for today: I accomplished a lot, including spreading the word about Posh and gaining a new sale. Most of my free samples already made it to their destinations. I’m still loving this business and the products, sharing them and helping other people feel pampered and loved is definitely the best part (and pampering myself in the process of course). Unexpected plus side of selling Perfectly Posh: I make more time for myself now.

Oh for goodness sake, he’s up now too… I’m never going to sleep again. 

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