Pamper Me Mommy

To follow up on a previous post.

I’m trying to figure out how to phrase this new adventure I’ve taken without making it sound like a sales pitch. Have you ever been so excited about something that it sounds like you’re trying to talk someone else into liking it? Like your favorite food and you explain how it makes you feel or how great it is to you and it sounds like you’re the new salesperson for salads (that’s my favorite food in case you were wondering).

Somehow I ended up searching for a new backup to medicated lotion for my eczema while I was also looking for a new way to make a little extra cash. I contacted my cousin who sells this line of pampering products and I ended up buying a hand creme, body butter and a skin stick. When my new things came in the mail I rushed into using them immediately and the results for the skin on my hands were almost overnight. The hand creme helped to soothe the itching, nourish my skin, leave no greasy residue and after three days my hands were back to normal. I also noticed that my legs and arms (lightly coated with body butter after each shower) were no longer dry or scaly and I smelled very nice.

Yikes! This already sounds super sales pitchy.

Point being, after years of struggling with eczema, keratosis pilaris, and dry, irritated skin all over I was finally free to feel my best in my own skin. That drove me to the decision to join her in selling these products. I won’t lie, my number one hope is that I can turn a great profit and help my family to afford more of what we need and want. My second hope is just as strong, I want to help bring good skin to everyone who has suffered without it for years.

A little background information for you:

The company name is Perfectly Posh. The products are naturally based (if you’ve followed me for any length of time you should know how important that is to me). Everything is made right here in the U.S.A. which I am also very happy about. That’s more jobs here at home for those who need them. Products are also never tested on animals, which means that Fluffy didn’t suffer for your face masks or lotions. There are also vegan options available through Posh, to which I initially thought, “whaaaaat?” and then realized that obviously no one was eating Posh soap.  The company was founded in October 2011 by a couple of groovy people with one mission, pampering people with high quality products that are actually good for your skin.

I have always done research about products to find out what’s in the things that I use but I never really took much of a look into products I didn’t. What I found recently was quite the wake up call and furthered my desire to expand Posh as far as possible. I looked into the ingredients that most face wash and lotion companies use in their products and why. As it would turn out its almost exactly as I had expected, their ingredients are cheap so that they can sell them for less but still make a big buck. When I dove a little deeper a glaring truth seemed to be jumping up and down, waving it’s hands, “screaming look at me!” Their products put you on a never ending carousel ride… You have a zit attack and purchase a new face wash to clear it up and while it dries out the zits it also inflames and dries out your skin. So of course you now have a new skin problem that wasn’t present before, reach for their lotion (packed with pore blockers) and cake it on the dry spots but within a day or so you’ve got more zits! This is because of the carousel situation I referred to before. There are ingredients in some skin care brands that were not originally intended for skin, but they were cheap and roughly effective. Tell me if you can pronounce half of what’s in your skin care brand, or understand what the ingredients are. Search them even. Many skin care companies won’t disclose ingredients because they’ve been manufactured in a laboratory, tested on puppies and bunnies and then pumped into a squeeze bottle for you to buy.

I’m getting a little too worked up.. years of throwing away money to try and fix my skin problems has given me a lot of pent up rage. Now I have body scrubs and butters that leave me feeling like a million bucks. Face washes and lotions that leave my skin softer than a baby bottom and a hand creme that did this!

I bet you had no idea I was typing out my blogs with such swollen and cracked hands before, but I’m not anymore!

Let’s talk pricing real quick:

Hopefully you haven’t already clicked the link above and written me off like this is some overpriced garbage talk. When I first saw the pricing for Posh I was a little nervous to spend $9.00 on a hand creme I assured myself wouldn’t work or $22.00 on a body butter that I didn’t need. What I’ve found since ordering my own products and then testing the ones the company sent me once I became a consultant is that the products last an insane amount of time. You need just a tiny bit and regardless of which products it is, just that tiny bit will do.

That’s just an example of the little bits you need of some of the products. The point is, you can spend $1-$3 on a bar of soap that is filled with all kinds of chemical trash and will last you a few weeks. Or you can spend $9.00 on a soap that’s filled with goodies like activated charcoal and essential oils and will last you up to four months. 

I got way too into what I was doing here and it totally turned into a sales pitch. For that I apologize and I’ll be going on my way now.

If you want to look a little deeper check out my Facebook or  Perfectly Posh pages, you can also comment here or message me on Facebook with questions.

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