Dear Buffalo Bills,

Based on current events, I’m feeling a little jaded and there are some things I’d like to get off my chest. 

You see, when I heard the news that Rex was leaving I was really fucking sad. He was like the tough but loving step dad that I thought the Bills really needed. He stepped up when someone else stepped out, he promised to work hard and try to get us where we needed to go and even proved his devotion by getting a tattoo for us (maybe more like crossing out an ex girlfriends name and writing a new one, but still). He was in it for the long haul but once again you pulled the “it’s not you, it’s me” bullshit and let a good one slip away. I get it, I really do, I understand your thought process. He was the head coach last year and this year and still no Super Bowl ring. It can be downright frustrating but you are not going to get someone to put a ring on it if you keep starting up a new relationship every couple years.

It seems you’ve forgotten the good old days of working for what you want and asking for what you need. You want a fairytale which unfortunately the NFL doesn’t specialize in. No Prince Charming is going to strut into the stadium and bring you a championship on a silver platter. There will be no song about the rise and fall, no fireworks in the end zone and no choreographed dance with our defensive line doing cartwheels across the field. I mean for Buffalo’s sake, I hope there is some Disney magic out there…but let’s be real, you’re doing a huge disservice to the fans by cutting every guy who doesn’t work out immediately.

And here it comes, the part where I compare us to another team and I’m going somewhere with this that honestly I’d rather not, but it needs to be said. Belichick has been coaching the Pats since 2000. That’s officially 17 years and he’s sat home for more Super Bowls than he has coached, a 6/11 ratio as long as they lose out in the playoffs this year (fingers crossed, am I right?). Even still, with a ratio like that they’re still working with him. Taking it one step farther, Brady had also been with the Patriots for the same length of time and despite the ten years that stood between their wins in 2005 and 2015, he’s still there.

They went ten years without a ring (keeping the same two guys) and you couldn’t hold out just a bit longer to see what we could do. I mean you kept throwing different things at the team. New players, new coaches, new owners, FUCK, we even renamed the goddam field and you couldn’t give Rex a chance to catch up and work with every change? Don’t even get me started on Tyrod… I’ve got a knot in my heart and a jersey with his name on it that I’ll wear to every game just to remind you of what you lost if we cut him. Goddam! 

In twenty three years we’ve had eight different head coaches and we’ve tried eighteen different starting quarterbacks. If this were a legitimate relationship, you’d either be a slut or just impossible to please and neither one is extremely flattering.

Get your shit together and try giving our guys some time to figure shit out. Keep Tyrod, bring back Rex and toss Whaley out on his ass.

Do better by Buffalo, the fans deserve it.

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