Give Me Money


Managing a household with five people is tough. There is so much upkeep, so many chores and of course so many expenses. Two incomes is plenty enough to get by and even to save a little for the upcoming events we have. Moving, renovations and a wedding! But then there are in between expenses like birthdays, vet visits, car maintenance and all sorts of other whatnots. Saving money is happening but not nearly as fast as I’d like it to, not that I need to have stacks of cash like a bad rap video but a single stack might be nice.

So what’s next? Selling homemade soap and body scrubs was cool for a bit but of course managing production, advertising, distribution and sales by myself in the midst of everything was a bit much. (Note: I like using fancy and serious terms as if it was an actual functioning business; it wasn’t). I need a new thing. Crafts? Working for an already established business selling jewelry or soap or something? Maybe grabbing up a second and probably boring day job?

Hell, I’ve even considered starting a Go Fund Me that just says “hi, I’d really like some of your money and I promise not to buy crack.” That, however, seems like it wouldn’t quite work out and I would just make myself look like an internet panhandler. I want to earn more money. I want to find something that I can really dump some passion and creativity into but when I searched “jobs for stay at home moms” all I found were lists of things like:

  • Dog watcher/walker.
  • Baby sitter.
  • Sell these overpriced scarves.
  • Personal shopper.

Yea, because that’s what I want to do when I’ve got no idea what makes a scarf great and no interest in other people’s jerk dogs or fussy kids. Plus, lets just add in here that I’ve seen a dozen times how to “make money blogging” and I’m not at all sold that I could turn this into an actual profiting business venture.

Someone pitch me an idea or a small loan of one million dollars, I won’t be upset with either one I swear.

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