Note To Self: From The Twelve O’ Clock Me

What the hell was I thinking?

I wasn’t, thats the only plausible explanation. Listen, I get it. I understand that the babies were tired and you were tired, but what the hell?

Dear self,

For whatever reasoning this morning you decided to put the babies down for an early nap, a two hours early nap. They woke up, all of them, at 6:30 this morning and by ten everyone was groggy and cranky but putting them down for an early nap can only be categorized as an exponential disaster. See, with their naps all done and out of the way you gathered an hour of sanity for the remainder of the day but it simply won’t do. That was an hour much too soon in the day and there is so much day left that you have no wiggle room left to schedule a serious mental meltdown between now and 5:00 o’ clock.

It’s 12:00 PM, the time the boys would usually nap and you would usually start gathering yourself enough to pull together the rest of the house and finish the laundry but they’re awake now. You’ve really screwed the pooch on this one.

Let’s just get it right from now on and outlaw pre-noon naps and while you’re writing that in your book of mommy laws try to find some time to sweep, mop, fold and put away clothes, make the beds, straighten your ponytail and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls. Shame on you, shame on the 10:00 o’ clock you that cursed the 12:00 o’ clock you with an irreversible mistake.

Your tired and frustrated 12:00 o’ clock self that has no sanity left.

P.S. What the hell were you thinking?

For the record, I love my children and their happiness is my happiness, but my happiness is also their nap time which came and went much too suddenly. R.I.P. peace and quiet, it was a short life but you were well loved.

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