The Hunger Strike

Its been about three months and he still won’t eat, I keep trying and trying but he won’t have any part of it. 

If you’ve followed my blog long enough you probably know that around this time last year I was posting a lot of baby food recipes. I had planned on doing the same thing as Baby A began trying new things but I haven’t had the chance. No, I’m not too busy and I didn’t forget to take pictures or whatnot. Instead of my little boy cooperating and hitting his milestones he has decided to have nothing to do with baby food.

We’ve tried apples, bananas, peas, beans, carrots, potatoes, rice cereal and even rice cereal sweetened with karo syrup. Every reaction is the same, he shakes his head, puckers up and spits out what he can. The only luck we have had is with the Gerber snacks that he is technically too young for. He mashes them with his sore gums (teething has been a real bitch for this poor little man).

Sidenote: His first tooth came in last week!

Anyhow, as it would turn out, your baby can sustain themselves on formula or breast milk alone for the whole first year. The introduction of baby food is mainly to get them used to new flavors and textures. I guess it’s supposed to be a big FUN WOW, but my little is viewing it more as a “no way, no how.” I can understand the carrots and the beans, but bananas and apples? Really?

So, if you were looking forward to more baby food recipes: I’m sorry.

But if you’re little one is being fussy and uninterested in the baby food process, don’t freak out. Just keep trying, do tiny bites and keep a smile on. Make it fun and don’t be stressed if they’re not up to it yet, all babies are different. Make sure your pediatrician is aware of your baby’s eating habits as well, they’ll like to know and it will help them with assessing your baby’s health and growth.

Please remember, I am not a doctor. The writing I have here is from personal experience with my own son and information I’ve gathered from his doctor. If you have concerns about your child’s eating habits contact his/her doctor about it.

Thanks for reading!

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