Eating Mindfully

Still making changes.

Since Baby A was born I have been trying to lose the baby weight I collected over my last two pregnancies. Since I began my efforts with Eat Less, Do More and completely gave up with Weight Loss Journey I have made some big changes. I began giving things up, not for dieting purposes (initially) but for health reasons. There are so many disturbing things piled into our food that I felt the need to cut out all of the artificial colors and preservatives that I could. Which, coincidentally, meant bye bye Doritos, Cheetos, Oreos, Hostess Cakes and every other guilty pleasure I enjoyed. Our house is bare of junk.

Removing all the garbage food didn’t finalize my dietary changes. For a long time I have considered doing the unthinkable, the strange, the…actually pretty normal yet still very unexpected. I became a vegetarian. That’s right, no more bacon or chicken which for the vast majority of my life were staples in my day to day existence. It’s not like I woke up one day and just decided to completely alter my diet, being a vegetarian is something I have thought about for a long time but never thought I would have the self control to do it (and I almost didn’t).

Cutting out meat wasn’t exactly the smoothest of transitions. I went a whole two days without it and caved on day three for a couple meatballs, but after eating the first one I realized that days of brainwashing myself with disturbing facts about the meat industry had left a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended). I discreetly returned the other one to its pan on the stove and recommitted myself to a meatless existence.

In my post Eat Less, Do More I recorded a weight of 194lbs, which not long after spiked to 202. Since cutting the junk and the meat from my diet I’ve already reached a weight of 172lbs. That’s a 30 pound loss!! And I credit it to my decision to really read labels and think about exactly what’s going into my body. Becoming a vegetarian meant finding alternate protein sources which brought me the challenge of creating meals for myself without them being based around meat. That meant pairing things with spinach, black beans, cauliflower and others. I found that with removing meat I started giving more careful consideration to what went into my body. 


This is the biggest question I’ve had to answer in regards to becoming a vegetarian and it’s simple. I don’t need meat. The meat industry wreaks havoc on the environment. Meat gives you protein but also contributes to heart problems, weight problems and an increased likelihood of cancer. I like animals and I believe all living beings deserve to remain just that, living. I don’t mean to come off condescending or harsh, I’ve struggled for days to find the right way to put it so I don’t ruffle any feathers and the blunt truth was all I could come up with. Only in one interaction, thus far, has the truth gotten me into an argument about this particular topic (because most people are understanding that what goes into my body is my choice, whatever my reasons may be).

Just days into not eating meat someone was explaining their diet to me and I told them I understood the struggle of cutting things out because of my own recent decision. “Let me ask you something, why do you feel you don’t need meat?” he said and I explained my research and findings only to be met with brute opposition that left me feeling beaten down for the decision I made. “Bet you read those facts on an internet meme.” A direct hit at my intelligence… So let’s get this straightened out.

Here are articles to back up my position:

Its not my job to make people feel bad about their diet just like it’s no one else’s to make me feel bad about mine. I made changes that I believe in for the good of myself, this planet and animals who have no voice. Eat as you please and I’ll do the same.

And if you were looking for something a little more “internet meme-y” here are some facts with pretty pictures.



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