And Trump Won

I told myself a lot over the past year that I was going to keep my political beliefs out of my posts because it seemed like the safest way to not aggravate any of my readers. Politics can be a touchy subject but the election is over and America has made it’s decision, so I’m going to weigh in.


Before I get into my own political beliefs and what I was hopeful for I want to address the elephant in the room, rather the elephant in the White House. Already today, on social media, I have seen cries of joy and boastful pride as well as frustration, despair and worry. What I haven’t seen much of is hope for opportunity or people relenting and accepting that whats done is done. Donald Trump is going to be the new POTUS and that’s something non-supporters will have to sooner or later come to grips with. I found out in the middle of the night that Trump had won, and I was upset, troubled and uneasy. It was tough for me to get back to sleep without my anxiety peaking, but I woke up with a different attitude.

I’m still worried, but no more than I would have been if Hillary Clinton was going to take a seat in the Oval Office. Electing a president is stressful, it’s a long process and it should worry you no matter where the votes fall. Did I vote for the right person? What if the other person wins? What if no one votes? What if… What if everything works out just fine and we find out that the person elected isn’t as bad as we once thought? Thinking outside of the box this morning helped me take what originally seemed devastating and turn it into exactly what it really is, an opportunity.

For one, Trump has never held any kind of office so to say we know exactly what he will do is nothing more than ignorance. We know what he has done and we know what he has said but if there’s one lesson I have learned time and time again it’s that you cannot judge a person’s future by their past. Democrats viewed him as pure evil, Republicans viewed him as exactly what we need, but only time will tell what he will do for (or to) this country.

There is no good and no bad. There are good people who are capable of horrible things and bad people who are capable of immeasurable good.

It’s time to stuff your immediate feelings in your back pockets and wait it out with the rest of us because we cannot be certain what our future now holds.

By now there are probably Hillary and Trump supporters alike reading what I’ve written here feeling very guaranteed that I voted for Trump. I assure you that I did not, but don’t jump to conclusions because I didn’t vote for Hillary either.

Then you didn’t vote. Then you voted third party. Then you wasted your vote.

I’m tired of the constant criticism over who I did or didn’t vote for. “A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary.” “A vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump.” “A third party vote is a wasted one.” “Not voting is taking your rights for granted.” But none of those things are true, they’re just things that people say to make you think you have made a bad choice in an effort to sway you to their side. It’s manipulation and it’s ridiculous that as human beings and neighbors we can’t respect that everyone is entitled to do as they please in regards to the election process. Today I am reminded of the words of the ever wonderful Eleanor Roosevelt.

eleanor-roosevelt-criticism-quoteElections are tricky. Both sides can’t win and that means someone is always going to be left feeling let down. I was let down months ago when Bernie Sanders wasn’t named the Democratic nominee. I firmly believed in all that he proposed and felt that he was a genuine man. Yesterday was presented to me as a lose-lose situation. Today is presented to me as nothing but an opportunity. In four years we’ll be given a new opportunity to cast our ballots for yet another presidential election. The Republicans decision has been made, it will be Trump vs. _____ ? We aren’t sure. But first we have the next four years to think about. Are we going to make any progress on the environmental issues that are facing us? Will we tackle some problems within our economy? Will we be in or out of war? There is much to consider and while the change is daunting, it is always going to be that way. Making a major decision that impacts millions of people will never be an easy one, and if it comes easy then you are very fortunate to have a candidate that you 100% believe in.

So let’s see where this goes and remember that you still have everything today that you had yesterday. Lose your fear, find your hope, hold your breath and wait to see what the future holds.

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