Plan To Plan

I definitely thought that adulting would be a lot less weird.

Cleaning, cooking, caring for children, working, planning and bill paying take up just about every moment of my time these days. It’s impossible to finish a good book without sacrificing precious sleep and I’ve been using my free time in the day to color and learn how to crochet. Crafts have always been a fun little hobby of mine and when I can’t get crafty I get cranky.

But wait! Planning… planning what?

I haven’t just been Pinteresting and crafting things for Baby A’s first birthday, I’ve also been Pinteresting and planning a much larger project. A home. Our sights are set on taking over and remodeling a house that’s already in our family sometime in the next year or so. I’ve been squirreling away money and pinning projects like a wild woman. Of course, I’m a little secret keeper so you won’t find any of my pins because they’re all on “secret boards.” Sorry. I can tell you though, the house needs a little work and I’ve pinned everything from inexpensive kitchen remodels to unique fence ideas and building half walls. It doesn’t have to be a castle when we’re finished, it just has to be home. The best part is that I get to do it with my best friend and my boys. I’ve never tackled a house overhaul before and I know it’ll be tough but it’s almost all I can think about lately.

That and planning Christmas gifts and birthday decorations. This addict has already made a list of gifts for almost everyone, all that’s left is to buy and wrap my ideas with tight little bows.  Plan, plan, plan and plan some more.

On another note, everyone in my house is sick which is great, even better because amidst taking care of everyone with homemade chicken soup, Gatorade and some TLC, I caught whatever they’ve got. Fortunately Baby M is the only one with croup and it’s not nearly as bad as the time he had it before. While he and his brothers are on the road to recovery my bug has just begun. Runny nose, congestion, sinus pressure, plugged ears, sore throat and a nasty little cough. These germs are kicking my butt.

One last tidbit and I’ll stop dragging this on. Have you ever had your child ask you to smell their finger? Just the other day my oldest comes to me laughing, “smell my pinky,” he says. I started to laugh too but insisted I wouldn’t smell it and asked why he wanted me to. Doesn’t he come back and tell me “because it smells like my butt!”

Ummm… no thank you child, wash your hands!

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